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Past Exhibition:
Migration and Change
08/10/2016 to 11/11/2016

Room 1 - Catherine Robinson

Past Exhibition: Migration and Change

From: 08/10/2016
To: 11/11/2016

It is that time again. Autumn is coming and air, light and temperature are all changing. It is a time of “Migration and Change” where each is part of the other. Catherine Robinson’s images for this latest Green Chair Gallery exhibition show this clearly and sensitively. Whether it is through prints of birds on the move, or the huge migration of people across continents, or the changing light of the seasons, or, perhaps tangentially, through the passing of the “life seasons” of humankind. “Migration and Change” is a powerful and realistic expression of the condition of the world and its ever changing seasons

Exhibition Room 1 - Catherine Robinson (Printmaker)