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Past Exhibition: Making Ends Meet

From: 18/03/2017
To: 02/06/2017

Large swathes of the world┤s population are just about making ends meet. Many are victims of malnutrition, disease and poverty. Many also suffer at the hands of others:injured, threatened, abused. But many, though just making ends meet may be doing so successfully, with minimal stress, or perhaps less than one might imagine, and quite happilyː not that this should be cause for complacency or patronization in those who fare better. Because many of these may be doing well, but quite unhappily. The world is a strange mixture.

Exhibition Room 1 - Hamish Scott-Brown: India set 1 (from 18 March) (Photographer)

Exhibition Room 2 - Hamish Scott-Brown: India set 2 (from 16 April) (Photographer)

Exhibition Room 3 - Hamish Scott-Brown: Romania set 1 (from 18 March) (Photographer)

Exhibition Room 4 - Hamish Scott-Brown: Romania Set 2 (from 6 May) (Photographer)

Exhibition Room 5 - Hamish Scott-Brown: Vietnam Set 1 (from 16 April) (Photographer)

Exhibition Room 6 - Hamish Scott-Brown: Vietnam Set 2 (from 6 May) (Photographer)