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Past Exhibition:
The Land, the Sea and the all-covering Sky
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Room 1 - Paul Apps

Thames Barge Racing off Whitstable
by Paul Apps

Paul Apps

Paul Apps turned to full-time painting in 1987 after a career in public sector working. He is self-taught as an en plein air wildlife and landscape artist painter and author of a series of books on art techniques. He has been successful in showing and selling his work in galleries in the USA, UK, Africa, Singapore and Europe.
Paul has wide artistic interests, including land and seascape painting, capturing on canvas images of wildlife, both European and African, and teaching artistic techniques from his studio and gallery in the South East in England. Paul is a signature member of the USA-based Society of Animal Artists, and, through this and other memberships his experience and techniques of en plein air painting is continuously enriched.
Amongst this rich portfolio of activities he spends as much time as possible painting the timeless landscape of his own original roots, Romney Marsh, the sparsely populated wetland area of Kent and East Sussex in the south-east of England covering some 260 km2. Thomas Ingoldsby, 19th century author of The Ingoldsby Legends, referred to Romney Marsh as the “Fifth Continent”, such was its uniqueness of geography and potential for legendary tales.

Artist's statement:

My paintings are about the immediacy, that one unique moment, of painting en plein air and I would describe my style as impressionist realist. I find that the brief window of opportunity, that one unique moment, when I’m painting en plein air both exciting and exacting, deciding how best to convey the scene, the light and the feeling in paint, value, colour, brush stroke and composition. This challenge is particularly relevant to my wildlife paintings. I have been lucky enough to paint regularly in Africa and the quality of the light and tones of Africa ground my wildlife paintings in their true reality, capturing the strength, power and grace of endangered animals within their natural environment.
Alongside my impressionist realist work, I have been developing a more experimental approach to my en plein air painting with my mark making incorporating bold and vibrant brush strokes with a vivid use of colour. The big skies, the clear limpid light and the restless sea around my native Romney Marsh, Kent, influence this looser, more fluid style, and I feel inspired by the challenge of capturing its mysterious but timeless quality.

Thames Barge Racing off Whitstable

Size: 20.3 X 40.6 cm

Frame: Unframed

Medium: Oil on panel

Price: Price On Application


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