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Les Toits Rouges à Bèze
by Armand Meffre

Armand Meffre

Armand Meffre was born on March 16, 1929 at Maubec in the Vaucluse. He worked as a farmer until 1956.

After moving to Paris, he had a successful career as an actor (in television, cinema, and theatre), and for 60 years as a painter. He studied under Justin Grégoire who introduced him to Andre Lhote, one of the fathers of modern art. Right from their first meeting the master recognised Armand's talent and invited him to study painting at his academy in Paris for free.

During the cultural revival of the postwar period, he rubbed shoulders and developed friendships with sociologists, philosophers, playwrights, writers etc.: people like Jean Baudrillard, Samuel Beckett and Henri Gougaud.

During a major Van Gogh retrospective in Aix-en-Provence, he became acquainted with Picasso. Arriving very early one morning with his friends Justin Grégoire et Henri Gauthier to avoid the crowds, they were there long before the opening. This allowed them to meet Picasso who was visiting the exhibition incognito. In the course of their conversation Picasso turned to the works on exhibition and exclaimed: "Van Gogh, what fire! What force and what a lesson for us too! Remember gentlemen, work, work and keep on working." A lesson the young Armand took to heart and made the most of.

Armand Meffre died on January 22, 2009 at Auxerre in the Yonne.

Artist's statement:

As an artist Armand Meffre was most concerned and disciplined about getting across what he wanted to say through the quality of his work, the choice of images, the symbols he used, as well as the flow of the picture, even the marks on the canvas. Everything was for him of great importance, as a simple misunderstanding by the viewer could destroy all the artist's efforts.

"In short, I try to build myself a prison to try to overcome the pleasure of being able to escape from myself" he wrote in his memoirs.

Les Toits Rouges à Bèze

Size: 46 X 33 cm

Frame: Framed

Medium: Oil on canvas

Price: EUR1200.00

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