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Marcus Bolt

Marcus Bolt was born in Shoreditch London, and lived there until his family moved to Welwyn Garden City when he was 12 years old. After gaining the usual O- and A-Level exams taken at the local grammar school, Marcus was accepted on a year’s Foundation course at St Albans College of Art (now University of Herts). Marcus then took a 3-year degree course in Graphic Design at Maidstone College of Art (now University of the Creative Arts). He graduated with a first Class Honours degree and started work at Media Four, a London W1 design group and advertising agency.
After some years in advertising, Marcus decided to become an art teacher, working part-time at both St Albans Abbey and St Albans Boys Grammar School. A few years later, he took a one-year course in Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and passed with distinction. He then went into Primary School teaching for several years.
Later, Marcus set up his own design agency, and has been self-employed as a designer ever since.
Marcus has always painted and taken photographs in his spare time, and has had 5 exhibitions of his work in London, Windsor and Radlett.
Marcus is widowed, has two daughters and 4 grandchildren and currently lives and works in Bristol. Now approaching retirement, Marcus is planning to become a full time painter, working with acrylics on stretched canvas, and exploring further the genre of still life.

Artist's statement:

Over the past few years, still life painting has fascinated me more and more. Studying the Dutch, Italian and French masters of the genre, and allying their techniques to my own, more graphic approach, has enabled me to put aesthetic rather than illustrative concerns as the primary motivator. Thus, each painting is a design, using everyday objects as a starting point.
There is also a personal philosophy at work, because, to me, it is a wonder that things exist at all, from a perfectly formed onion, peach or pear through to a plastic bowl. And it is a miracle of creation that they can be perceived by the mind through reflected light, shadow and colour via the eyes. But the profoundest mystery of all is the fact that we have consciousness and can be aware of being aware – and that it is possible to communicate this to others through the arts.
Over the years, I have become less interested in surface appearance and more intrigued by the fundamental spiritual reality underlying existence – a unity bound together by an ineffable creative power.
So, my hope is that the viewer will see (and feel) in these works touches of the personal Zen-like moments of wonder at existence I perceived, plus the sense of still calm and joie de vivre I experienced, while painting them.

Kettle and Milk 2016 II

Size: 51 X 61 X 4 cm

Frame: Unframed

Medium: Acrylics on stretched canvas

Price: Price On Application


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