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Past Exhibition:
Flowering Sculpturally
00/00/0000 to 00/00/0000

Room 1 - Marius Grose

Hellebore Seed Head
by Marius Grose

Marius Grose

Marius studied sculpture at Bristol Polytechnic graduating in 1981 with a BA Hons. in fine art. After art school he made a switch into television production, eventually becoming a freelance editor of broadcast television programmes. He maintained an interest in photography and art while following his career as an editor.
With the advent of digital imaging Marius purchased his first digital SLR camera, a Pentax K10D, to record a trip he made to New Zealand, and his passion for photography was reawakened.
Marius has been active in the fields of food, landscape and travel photography, selling images to magazines and websites around the world. In parallel to this commercial work he has pursued interests in macro-photography, a discipline he first discovered at art school.
In 2014 he published ʺGreen Eye, a garden in close upʺ. This lavish book of intimate pictures derived from plant material growing his garden in central Bristol, was inspired by the pioneering macro-photographer Karl Blossfeldt.
Marius's work as a photographer is informed by his time at art school, his enduring passion for visual art and thirty years of experience he gained working in television as an editor.

Artist's statement:

The images in this exhibition are all from plant material found in my garden in central Bristol UK. Following in the footsteps Karl Blossfeldt, a pioneer of macro-photography, I wanted to explore the structure and shapes of plants and flowers. However, unlike Blossfeldt I am not making these images as an aid to teaching pattern and decoration in design. My purpose is to reveal strange forms and structures that exist in the average garden border, to show a world that we are largely unaware of. This approach means that often I am concentrating on the sculptural aspects of a plant such as seed heads, tendrils, stems and leaves rather than flowers.
Unlike many macro-photographers I am not interested in the natural settings of the subjects I choose. I want to isolate the plant material so that it is possible to concentrate on form without background interference. I often shoot against a black background as this has the effect of enriching colours. All the backgrounds are made ‘in camera’ to preserve details such as fine hairs, which would be almost impossible to do in the usual branded image editing software. Sometimes I use back lighting to bring the image alive, for example the images of the Japanese Horsetail (Equisetum Hymanale) stems. In a few cases I have used techniques such as focus stacking to get a deeper more three dimensional rendering of the subject. An example of this is the Geranium seed head that looks so much like a candelabra.
My working set up is simple: a solid drawing table, angle poise lamps with daylight balanced energy saving bulbs, a couple of metres of black velvet and mounting card to control where the light falls. A variety of means are used to mount the subjects for photographing including cocktail sticks, blu-tac and blocks of polystyrene. The camera I use is a Pentax K5 with a Tamron macro lens and a robust tripod.
The world of plants seen in close up is an often a surprising place and one which these images celebrate.

Hellebore Seed Head

All prints will be made to order by Whitewall Labs, one of the top fine art printers in the world. The paper used is Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl. Silk gloss surface. 285 g/m²: This paper has outstanding depth with precise contrasts in black-and-white photographs. Bright white with a special coating for a refined pearl finish. The inks used in the printing are stable and the colour guaranteed for one hundred years under normal conditions.
On purchase a signed certificate of authenticity will be sent to the buyer under separate cover. This certificate should be kept with the print.

Size: 60 X 40 cm plus 1cm border

Frame: Unframed

Medium: Giclee Print - Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper

Price: Price On Application


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Additional images, where available, are displayed below. These may include close ups of details and views from alternative perspectives.

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