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Little Purple House
by Susilowati Urrejola

Susilowati Urrejola

Following a visit to the Island of Java in 1971, Susilowati began to create `Virganix`, a new technique in art. This is an adaptation of Indonesian batik but done on paper. Using this and other techniques she has produced over 6,000 works for a wide audience mostly from Chile on subjects as diverse as carts, horses, country people, fishermen and the sea.
Over the past 30 years she has shown her work in more than 90 exhibitions both in Chile and abroad. In Chile these include shows at the Cultural Institute of Providencia, the Cultural Institute of Banco del Estado and the House of Culture in La Florida. Elsewhere Susilowati has exhibited in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, the USA, UK, New Zealand and Holland.
Susilowati has received a good number of awards in Chile for her work, some for her individual works and exhibitions and some more generally for her achievements over the years.

Artist's statement:

Painting for me is like reaching for the sky and coming down with a little cloud or two. I have always painted as much as possible from what comes from my inner being and I try not to be influenced by other artists. This has given me greater confidence in my own artistic creations to the point of having invented over 100 new ways of using paper, wax and tinctures or colour ranges.
I like to paint mainly anything that represents the simple work of honest and well-meaning human beings such as country people, fishermen, flower collectors and so on. I have my own way of using the colour palette, preferring the full spectrum and I need to have them next to me and available to work with at all times. I have from time to time had to interrupt my work for some time to deal with other things in life: it's then that the �engine� comes to a halt and starts going rusty. The problems begin to mount up and it is only when I start painting again that they begin to fall away - or at least seem to fall away. I would like to have a superhuman body that would allow me to paint constantly, to draw from the endless well inside me and allow all the images that have arisen in my life to be given expression. So I become upset when I get tired, when I get hungry. However I love it when I see a finished painting later on when I see the shock of colour that gives me strength and optimism.
I have exhibited in 97 exhibitions: individually, in groups, online and so on. Up to May 2017 I have painted more than 6,500 pictures. This has been very satisfying since the skill has come down from my parents and can be passed on to several children. I am grateful for having been given the ability to see an everyday scene and transform it into a picture that adorns the walls of a family home.

Little Purple House

Size: 48 X 70 cm

Frame: Unframed

Medium: Beeswax and dye on paper

Price: Price On Application


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