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by Cherry Tewfik



We are an online only art gallery, so you won’t find us in any high street in any town or city in the world!

And, 'because anything’s possible…', at Green Chair Gallery we bring you artworks from wherever we find them, irrespective of location.

So 'online only' really means without limits: for artists, art lovers and art collectors.

But you will see exhibitions, separate gallery 'rooms', and even on-line previews.  All taking place as if you had come to the gallery in your high street.

So come in, be welcome, and see the artworks and artists we are proud to present you to.

Currently Exhibiting

Shape, Form, Character and some DRAMA

Somehow it seems strange to invest an exhibition of ceramics - which this artist often refers to simply as "pots" - with some "DRAMA". But when you see Cherry Tewfik's "Philosopher", her "Three Kings", or her "Nude Couple" you'll surely see some drama. And even in the pot-like "pots" it's the same...especially those that Cherry creates with the Japanese method of RAKU. But have a look and "be dramatised"!!


Art gallery with local, inter-local, national and inter-national spread


We are well into the set of exhibitions we call the Green Chair Gallery School of 2019.
That's our celebration of artists whose work we have shown during the the nine-and-a-half years of the life of Green Chair Gallery: that's right, almost 10 years now!
Cherry Tewfik is very much a favourite with the ceramics she shows - as are all our artists - and we are grateful, proud, energised by their willingness and real partnership approach in working with us.
We hope very much that YOU, our audience, are equally pleased and impressed by the exhibitions we show.


But meanwhile ENJOY - and if you need further information you can use the Contact Us link: we are always pleased to respond to YOU


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