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A Drink from a Stream
by Elfrida Schragen



We are an online only art gallery, so you won’t find us in any high street in any town or city in the world!

And, 'because anything’s possible…', at Green Chair Gallery we bring you artworks from wherever we find them, irrespective of location.

So 'online only' really means without limits: for artists, art lovers and art collectors.

But you will see exhibitions, separate gallery 'rooms', and even on-line previews.  All taking place as if you had come to the gallery in your high street.

So come in, be welcome, and see the artworks and artists we are proud to present you to.

Currently Exhibiting

Sea...Sky...Land: Unity in Nature

No wonder that Elfrida's work is so focused on the outdoor life: land and seascapes, town and country alike. Growing up in Ontario (Canada) with a famous artist father made an impression on her that had to rub off and onto her own talent so that she couldn't avoid being an artist herself.
Green Chair Gallery has always enjoyed showing her work which has always been so varied. And here it is again. You MUST enjoy it!


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We have a continued lively set of exhibitions for the next weeks, including the current "...South American Touch..." that's followed by "Sea...Sky...Land: Unity in Nature", which is from North America and by the hand of Elfrida Schragen.
These are both artists whose work we know and respect, and who have good followings in their respective countries.

The same is and will be true of all the artists from the Green Chair Gallery School, our new way of working with a group of artists whose work we have shown over time and with you, our audience.
The artists will be working with us and with each other and will become more involved with the celebration and promotion to you of their work.


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