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Past Exhibitions

Following the end of each exhibition, you can continue to see it for an extended period as a Past Exhibition.

A South American touch from the GCG school (06/04/2019 to 17/05/2019)
Green Chair Gallery is almost 10 years old. We are now changing the way we work with artists and with you, our audience. We have invited a group of artists – a school or collective - whose work we have shown over that time, and want to work with them and with you, our viewers. The artists will be working with us and with each other to celebrate and promote their work with you. We are starting in South America, with Susilowati Urrejola whose vibrant and original works done on paper combine Indonesian batik with wax and brilliant colours that in her own words “fully understand how Van Gogh came to eat the yellow paint”.

Intricacy in Miniature – the fulfilment of a greater whole (12/01/2019 to 22/02/2019)
Esther Miles works in miniature, but she is neither a miniaturist nor a hide-away artist. The impact of what might look quite like a tiled roof from space – but isn't – is impressive, to say the least. Understanding the level of concentration required to produce such delicacy and precision can only come about through truly knowing how to create that greater whole. And she does it.

Pause to Prepare - looking back, going forward (22/02/2019 to 05/04/2019)
Time to get ready for the next phase: developing a Green Chair Gallery "School" group or collective. Meanwhile a reflection on past work.

Icons and more - in the Orthodox Traditions (01/12/2018 to 11/01/2019)
An exhibition of contemporary artwork by Constantina Alexander which infused with close and deep links with Orthodox Christian styles. The exhibition embraces Christmas Day as celebrated by Christians who use the revised Gregorian calendar (25 December) and also Orthodox Christians who use the Julian calendar, where Christmas Day is January 7.

Sea...Sky...Land: Unity in Nature (18/05/2019 to 28/06/2019)
No wonder that Elfrida's work is so focused on the outdoor life: land and seascapes, town and country alike. Growing up in Ontario (Canada) with a famous artist father made an impression on her that had to rub off and onto her own talent so that she couldn't avoid being an artist herself. Green Chair Gallery has always enjoyed showing her work which has always been so varied. And here it is again. You MUST enjoy it!

Shape, Form, Character and some DRAMA (29/06/2019 to 09/08/2019)
Somehow it seems strange to invest an exhibition of ceramics - which this artist often refers to simply as "pots" - with some "DRAMA". But when you see Cherry Tewfik's "Philosopher", her "Three Kings", or her "Nude Couple" you'll surely see some drama. And even in the pot-like "pots" it's the same...especially those that Cherry creates with the Japanese method of RAKU. But have a look and "be dramatised"!!

Sense of Style and cross-border Place (31/08/2019 to 11/10/2019)
David Goad's long-developed sense of technique and experience of using it to create just the right atmosphere of the places he knows make you really feel “at home”. It is more than just observation, more like sensitive interpretation

A Glimpse of Light from an Open House (12/10/2019 to 15/11/2019)
It's the the Open House season again with the Canterbury Festival, and Sofiah is a key and regular participant. This Green Chair Gallery exhibition of her work is only a glimpse of her full Festival exhibition. But what you see here is on show in the same way as with all GCG exhibitions. The difference is that you'll just have to visit Canterbury to see the whole of her collection.