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Past Exhibitions

Following the end of each exhibition, you can continue to see it for an extended period as a Past Exhibition.

Making Ends Meet (18/03/2017 to 02/06/2017)
Large swathes of the world´s population are just about making ends meet. Many are victims of malnutrition, disease and poverty. Many also suffer at the hands of others:injured, threatened, abused. But many, though just making ends meet may be doing so successfully, with minimal stress, or perhaps less than one might imagine, and quite happilyː not that this should be cause for complacency or patronization in those who fare better. Because many of these may be doing well, but quite unhappily. The world is a strange mixture.

A Chilean Experience (03/06/2017 to 07/07/2017)
Hot, vibrant and distinctly South American. ֞ A Chilean Experience˝ is a genuine picture of the culture of the land. But Susilowati Urrejola՛ s expression of her own country is original and, as she says, unique. Her Virganix technique is itself a merging of cultures, allowing her swiftly and vibrantly to realise her pictures through merging Chilean culture with her adaptation of Indonesian batik – but onto paper. It՛ s truly original.