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About Us

Solihin & Sofiah Garrard launched Green Chair Gallery in December 2009.

Green Chair Gallery is about four guiding principles:

  • Showing high quality artworks to lighten, enlighten and raise the human spirit
  • Online only - quality artworks from artists wherever they are in the world
  • Not in any high street anywhere in the world - but accessible to anyone with internet access
  • All artwork is for sale, unless stated

Most of all we want you to be able to enjoy artworks from wherever we find it, not just from one location. And we don't want you to have to travel great distances to find it.

These are also a feature of our environmental policy, which you can read here

Who we are

Sofiah Garrard is an artist in her own right (and exhibits at Green Chair Gallery), and Solihin is a former business consultant. Having followed the arts for many years they feel it is about time they put some of their ideas into practice.

We hope you enjoy Green Chair Gallery. Please let us know what you think and, if you want to keep in touch, Become a Friend of the Gallery.



[View our Environmental Policy]