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Environmental Policy

Green Chair Gallery is committed continually to improve its environmental performance on a cost-effective basis. We take action to achieve this independently and in co-operation with others.

Setting up Green Chair as solely an on-line gallery is central to maintaining a low carbon footprint, saving energy and reducing transport costs.

We achieve this especially by our dispatch arrangements whereby an art work makes only one physical journey: from artist to purchaser.

We do not generally expect artists to:

  • Transport their art works to us for consideration for an exhibition
  • Bring them back to us at exhibition time
  • Come back to collect unsold works after their exhibition is over

We do not expect viewers/ purchasers to:

  • Travel to view art works
  • Collect your purchases when the exhibition is over

Green Chair Gallery also tries to procure office equipment and supplies that meet high environmental standards; use public transport where feasible; dispose of waste materials in cost effective and environmentally friendly ways; take care to conserve energy through careful, considerate and frugal practices.