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Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

Purchasers will, should they choose, have the option to return items that have been damaged or spoiled in transit and the cost of dispatch will be borne by the Gallery.  Purchasers should notify the Gallery of any such damage in transit within 14 days of receiving their purchase.  Where repair or replacement is impossible or unfeasible, a full refund can be agreed.

Green Chair Gallery makes every effort to describe and represent the artworks displayed as accurately as possible, but recognises the limitations of the technology used to show them in this gallery.  In accordance with consumers' rights, purchasers will have the option to return, in the same state as they received it, any work that that is clearly not what is exhibited in the Gallery or varies significantly from what is described.  Where this is shown and agreed to be the case a full refund of the purchase price will be granted.

In addition, a 'cooling off period' of seven working days from receipt of an artwork will be allowed during which the purchaser can change their mind and the item(s) returned.  A full refund of the purchase price will be made.

Please note
  1. Purchasers should notify the Gallery to report or discuss returns and refunds.  The Gallery will communicate with artists themselves where further information is required and get back to purchasers.
  2. Where a return/ refund is to take place, the purchaser should return relevant artworks direct to the Artist who is responsible for dispatch, and not to the Gallery.